Do North Carolina Rats Hide from Humans

We have often mentioned how wildlife infestation can sometimes be tricky. Once you realize that you are suffering from it, the damages that have been done can be overwhelming. This is usually the case for pests such as mice and rats. They are nocturnal creatures that will be active during nighttime. They are found in the obscure and dark part of our house. They choose to move in areas that can conceal their presence. You might think that rats are hiding from you, but this is not necessarily true.

Where do Winston Salem Rats Hide?
While Winston Salem rats may hide from us since they look at us as a huge predator, their habit and characteristic are also key factors that make it quite difficult for us to determine their presence. For instance, they are nocturnal creatures that will hunt for foods at sunset. They also choose to build their nest in the dark and warm areas of our house such as our attic. In summer, they will move down the basement once the attic feels too hot. All these areas are less frequented by the homeowners. Therefore, once we notice their presence, there is a chance that we are already facing a large-scale infestation.

Their Hiding Spot Outdoor
When the rats are outside our home, they prefer to build burrows. You can find their burrows under the pile of rubbles and under the tiny spaces below the porch or shed. They can also build their den on tall grasses. Rats are clever creatures and will build their den in areas that can hide them. They also prefer to build their burrows close to a structure that gives their den a sturdy foundation such as near the fence, gates, and near our walls. Their burrows can have a depth of about 18 inches.

On Higher Areas
If you are housing a roof rat, then you should look for their hiding place at the higher section. You can sometimes discover their nest up in the trees. They will look for an appropriate branch of the trees where they can establish their nest. This allows them to remain safe from the predators on the ground. Once they invade our house, they can mostly be found in our attic.

Hiding Spot Indoors
In case you are worried that there are rats hiding inside your house, you should pay attention to the key areas of your house. They can hide in the void of our walls, and on the crawl-areas of our basement, garage, and attic. You can also find them at the back of your tub and closet. If you have an empty drawer, it is also a possible nesting ground of the rats.

The rats will leave tiny clues that will help you determine the sign of infestation when it is still manageable. You can hear the strange noises at night and their squeaking sound. They will also leave rub marks and droppings. If you suspect that they are hiding in your attic. you will smell a nauseating odor once you open the door to the attic. These are all enough to convince you to hire the rat removal expert.

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