Can North Carolina Skunks Jump?

Whether you have encountered a Winston Salem skunk in the past or not, you know how troublesome this little creature can be. They love to build their shelter under our shed and porch. You will only be aware of their presence once the nauseating odor has permeated all over your property and patches of holes appear on your lawn. You are probably wondering how it gets in your property considering that your property is covered with fence. You might want to know if this creature can jump over your fence or not.

Do Skunks Jump?
The Winston Salem skunks do not usually jump since their hind legs are not built to give them an excellent jumping prowess. Instead of jumping, they mainly use their claws to climb or dig underground. Make sure that your fence is buried at least 1 ft. below the ground to discourage their digging habit. Since they will not usually jump, it will be relatively easy for you to keep them away.

Introducing Barriers
Adding barriers all over your property would be an excellent way to keep them at bay. As we’ve mentioned above, you should burry it at about 1-2ft. This will be enough to discourage the creature from digging. For the areas where their dens are usually found such as the space under our house, you can surround it with hardware cloth or chicken wire. Just like the conventional fence, you should also burry it. Electric fence is also a good deterrent against them. You should not worry since the shock that the skunk will receive will not be fatal. It will simply be enough to startle them.

Dealing with the Skunks
While their inability to jump will make it easier for us to find ways to keep them away, there are still challenges that we may encounter when dealing with this creature. Perhaps the most alarming thing about skunk is their nauseating musk. This will not only cause skin irritation, it can also lead to temporary blindness. Therefore, if you are planning to trap this creature, you need to be careful when releasing them. You can start by covering the trap with an old blanket. Keeping their surroundings dark can keep them calm and lower the possibility that they will release their spray.

Evicting the Skunk
In case the skunk is already inside your property and you are looking for ways to deal with them, the best way to do it is to hire the service of the professionals. They will start by determining the cause of the problem to ensure that you will not experience a recurring visit from this animal. Trapping and releasing can be an excellent method, but it is still important to determine the real cause of the infestation. Understanding the skunk’s biology will help you understand that they cannot jump high since they are not armed with powerful hind legs. By installing fence and burying them at the recommended depth, you can avoid the possibility of dealing with this nuisance creature.

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